Order your Repeat Prescriptions Online

Your prescription will be ready to collect in 48 hours from receipt of your request.
For medication not on repeat, you will need to contact the surgery or see your doctor to have it reissued. Local pharmacies also provide a delivery service – please contact your pharmacy of choice directly for further information about this.

To order a repeat prescription online please click on the link below and fill in the form.  The prescription submission is sent to the appropriate department for processing. If there are any queries regarding your prescriptions someone will contact you.

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Disclaimer: All efforts have been taken to prevent data intrusion by using SSL technology to encrypt your data betweeen you and our server. However, we cannot 100% guarantee the safety of this electronic transaction. If you are concerned about this we advise you to use a more traditional method of ordering your repeat medication. This service is provided as a courtesy by The Westgate Medical Practice and as such The Westgate Medical Practice cannot take responsibility for loss of data in any form, it is also the patients responsibility to make sure repeat prescriptions are ordered in a timely manner to allow delivery should problems occur.