Welcome to the Westgate Medical Practice

The West­g­ate Med­ical Prac­tice opened on the 24th June 1991. The ori­ginal part­ner­ship op­er­ated out of premises on Mar­ine Road. As the prac­tice grew the old premises un­for­tu­nately be­came un­suit­able and we bought land in the West­g­ate area. Our pur­pose-built premises allow us to offer a range of health care services.​The prac­tice has con­tin­ued to ex­pand and the present premises have been ex­ten­ded 4 times to date to ac­com­mod­ate this ex­pan­sion . This web­site gives in­form­a­tion you may re­quire to make the best out of our fa­cil­it­ies.

Prac­tice Area

We cover all of More­cambe, Hey­sham, Middleton, Over­ton, Tor­risholme, Hest Bank and Bolton-le-Sands, and Lan­caster north of the River Lune. Un­for­tu­nately, if you move out of this area you will need to re­gister with a prac­tice in your new loc­al­ity.

View your med­ical re­cords on­line

You can now view your re­cords on­line. Click here to find out more

Im­port­ant pa­tient in­form­a­tion: Tele­phone sys­tem

On Thursday the 1st of Decem­ber, Bay med­ical group will be launch­ing a new tele­phone sys­tem. There will be 2 ded­ic­ated teams to deal with either routine or ur­gent quer­ies.

Press 1 to make a non-ur­gent ap­point­ment or for a gen­eral en­quiry.

Press 2 To speak to the Ur­gent care team for ad­vice or med­ical treat­ment today.

Dis­abled Pa­tients

The sur­gery is de­signed to be ac­cess­ible with ease for our dis­abled and eld­erly pa­tients. All pa­tient ser­vices are at ground floor level. We have a wheel­chair avail­able for pa­tient use. We also have spe­cial toi­let fa­cil­it­ies for pa­tients with a dis­ab­il­ity. We have a hear­ing loop sys­tem avail­able. Please ask at re­cep­tion if you need any fur­ther as­sist­ance.

Terms of Ser­vice

The West­g­ate Med­ical Prac­tice is con­trac­ted to provide ser­vices under a PMS con­tract with North West Lan­cashire CCG. If you wish to con­tact them for fur­ther in­form­a­tion re­gard­ing Primary Care Med­ical Ser­vices in this area, their con­tact de­tails are as fol­lows:
North Lan­cashire CCG
Moor Lane Mill
Moor Lane
Tel (01524) 519333